Who Has Time For 8 Hours of Sleep?

by CrispyPhoenix

I woke up today to this:

Ariana Huff Sleep Quote

I lay in bed this beautiful Saturday morning pondering this Facebook meme. Here’s what came to mind:

1. I just slept 9.5 hours out of complete exhaustion
2. It is entirely impossible for me to get eight hours of sleep a night and pursue my career as a writer
3. If I were to get eight hours of sleep every night, I would miss out on making new friends, reading at storytelling events, getting scripts and/or essays written, volunteering, taking classes, or even going out to dinner

Here is a 24-hour breakdown of my typical day:

5:45am: Alarm goes off. Keep hitting it until 6:10am
6:10am: Debate hitting snooze again. Decide I hate traffic more than lost sleep. Moan and roll out of bed
7:00am: Sun is not entirely up yet. Do not have to wear sunglasses on commute
7:15am: Shout at at least one driver that they’re a dick
7:30am: Arrive at work – if stop for gas, arrival is 7:45am in which there will be another shout at a passing driver and I’m not even going to get into the number of assholes that run stop signs in Beverly Hills
7:40am: Arrive at desk
12:15pm: Stand for five minutes in courtyard at work so I can claim I saw the sun today
12:25pm: Eat lunch at desk
4:45pm: Begin to panic that I will not be able to leave at 5 and wherever I’m going, I will be late
4:55pm: Boss has additional project duty to hand over
6:00pm: Race out of office
6:15pm: Hit gas and brakes all the effing way down Olympic. Sun is gone for the day. Do not have to wear sunglasses on commute
7:00pm: Arrive wherever I have to be that night: Writing / Screening / Volunteer Project / Spin Class / Cooking dinner then writing / Writing Class
10-11pm: Arrive home – if already home, end writing. Make lunch. Shower. Get into bed
10:40ish: Amp down. Make task lists before I forget the things that are floating into my head right now. Read until sleepy
11:30pm-midnight: Lights out

I average 5.5 to 6 hours of sleep a night during the week. On the weekends, it’s always more than 8. And even then, I’ll take a nap at some point during the day.

I went to my sister’s for two weeks over the holidays. The first night I was home I slept a solid undisturbed 13 HOURS. From midnight until 3:00pm that day. The rest of the first week I slept 10 hours each night. Only during the second week did it lighten up and I could sleep 8-9 hours every night. Also, my natural night owl circadian rhythm took over and I was sleeping 3am to 11am. It was blissful and with that, I agree that I did feel more productive, more inspired, and more joyful. This last part is within reason of course because… FAMILY.


But definitely PRODUCTIVE (Got six essays in to writing a book)
And inspired – I repeat… STARTED WRITING A BOOK.