Moved to Weebly – er well… I was

confused emoticonI was all set to move over there but they’re so new that their capacities are VERY limited still. It’s a great place to build a site or blog but they’re not far enough along yet to make me happy.


Here’s the post I had set to open today on Weebly at Rebel With A Laptop…

Reason for this blog:
To keep a record of my progress towards my writing CAREER goals for the year 2014. I highlighted the word “career” because the writing goal includes intangibles such as researching and practicing pitching, searching for a mentor, researching managers, watching shows/movies, taking classes, and of course, reading scripts.

Goal for 2014:
To have a complete writing portfolio that includes: 1 TV spec, 1 or 2 TV pilots, 3 sketches, 2 essays for storytelling, and 1 feature.

That is not an unfeasible amount of work to complete in a year. I am slightly behind at the moment, but there is also the ALMIGHTY LEARNING CURVE involved here which I am damned and determined to crest in the next several months.

I read about this “writing portfolio” somewhere online and although I was high on morphine at the time, it’s turned out to be an awesome idea. I was in the hospital on New Year’s Eve with appendicitis and it seemed like as good a time as any to not only rid myself of an unnecessary organ, but to also lose my shitty attitude along with it. I’d been wallowing in my own self pity for long enough so I decided to get my ass in gear. Be proactive.

How I intend to complete the goal:
I have an MBA that is relatively unused with the exception of the beautiful powerpoint presentations I build for the CFO at work. When I thought about what it is exactly that I want out of this writing career and what I want to build on it as I get older, I realized that I should be approaching my career as a business.

I got a good tax return this past March and decided to dedicate the entire check to my career just like putting it into a business. So I wrote out a budget for each quarter. Then on a flight back to LA after a too-short-time at home, I saw in my head exactly what I want so I began writing it down and since I am an entrepreneur at heart, those things I want began to form into a business plan; my plan of attack.

Now that MBA is a life-saver. Which is good because I’m a person that abhors wasting time and there was a while there where I would look back on that time spent studying through Saturdays and Sundays and the multitude of midnight panic attacks and thought not only did I waste THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS but also TIME. Have you ever felt the enamel on your teeth hurt? That’s what it felt like when I would think about those three excruciatingly hard years.

But no more. It’s worth it. I’m putting it to work.

…So… back to it.

I will complete the goal by taking classes (and more on that later – this post is already too long), two of which I have started (a 10-week TV writing course and a Storytelling course) and a third (feature writing) to begin in a week from this Thursday. Classes are good because they institute deadlines and deadlines make you show up. Well, they do for me anyway. Might not be true for everyone.

I guess you could say I’m giving myself my own MFA because seriously… I haven’t had this much work while carrying a day job since those MBA days. Also, I haven’t been this happy in many years, either.

Progress so far:
The TV spec is a 1/2 hour multi-cam comedy called “Mom” starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney. Story is loosely plotted and that’s all at this point.

The TV pilot (#1) has broke story and is structured (as of this morning!) in a grid I made in Excel. Outlining tonight. First draft by next weekend. In addition, I have a professional consult booked to read this script at the end of June so it’s imperative that it be in good working order.

Storytelling essay #1: idea and first and last sentences with theme (competition) are written out as they were workshopped a week ago today. Expect to begin writing on it no later than tomorrow. Requirement: One and one-half pages beginning and ending with the sentences written and read to the instructor and class.
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