Little Video Big Message

by CrispyPhoenix

Remember that commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace in 2005 at Kenyon College? No? Go here to read a transcript of it or you can listen to Part 1 and Part 2. David_Foster_WallaceIt deserves to be read by everyone IN THE WORLD. If you do remember it or even if you don’t, go here to watch This is Water, the short film inspired by the speech. In a word… awesome. It’s my new favorite short even though I didn’t have a favorite short before.

Wallace was a prolific writer and professor who committed suicide by hanging himself after a long battle with depression. His death occurred in 2008, just three years after his famous speech. The Pale King, his unfinished novel was a finalist for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize. Now that you’re feeling enlightened, expand your mind a little more by reading something he wrote here.