Lisa Bright and Still Bright

by CrispyPhoenix

When I drove to Texas last October, I made a point of bringing my sewing machine back with me. I moved into my new apartment in January of this year.

To make my point, my windows are naked and my sewing machine is sitting in the closet STILL UNUSED.

Sewing machine

I put baby in the corner

Every weekend I tell myself I’m going downtown to the Fabric District to get some fabric to make curtains. And every weekend since moving in I have been too busy to drive downtown or to shop or to sew. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not at all bitching about always having something to do or somewhere to be.

HOWEVER, it’s a little freaking bright in here since the time changed. Also, Los Angeles is experiencing its Instant August where we are slammed into hot weather in May and it stays that way until late September.

No curtains

I made plans to go downtown this weekend but the warehouse I’m going to is across the street from the Flower Market and it’s Mother’s Day weekend and I was warned that this is the WORST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR to go downtown.

I am heeding the warning and so I shall remain curtain-less and Wide Awake at Dawn for another week.