What this blog is…

by CrispyPhoenix

A place for me to vent

A board to update friends and family and I guess a few bored strangers here and there about my numerous rejections for writing jobs. Doing it here saves me dozens of phone calls and email updates announcing my daily failures. Plus there’ll be pictures most likely of me in various parking lots with a sad clown look. Keep comin’ back! Yeah.

It is also a place for me to exercise the writing muscles. I don’t know where they are but I need to find them. And fast… I’m moving in 57 days!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!

Everybody says writers must write everyday so if I put it up on the internet and gain a few readers, I’ll feel the pressure to get something done every day. Maybe. Just because I’m having a dinner party doesn’t mean I’ll cook the food.

Okay. That probably doesn’t make sense. Anywho…

What this blog is not:

It is not for the faint at heart or the hypersensitive.

It is not for those offended by expletives. For crying out loud, they’re just fucking words.

It is not a place to find writing advice, know-hows, or how-tos. I don’t know how to write and I certainly don’t know how to tell you how to write but there is a plethora of people out there who know nothing about the world in general that would love to tell you how to write… for an unreasonable fee, that is.

Okay, so with all that said, take a look at this.

Like clockwork, this nasty cup shows up in the office kitchen every afternoon. It sits near the sink as though some type of washing-by-osmosis will occur. Sadly, this has been happening over the last eight or nine months. It just keeps coming back.

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